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Experience the hidden secret of Glenorchy, nestled between the Humboldt and Richardson Mountains at the head of Lake Wakatipu. Just a 40-minute scenic drive from Queenstown this stunning village is one of the most memorable places you will stay in New Zealand.

Camp Glenorchy aims to create a destination experience that “educates, inspires and delights visitors.” 


Camp Glenorchy sits in the heart of the beautiful scenic village of Glenorchy. It encompasses a stunning Homestead and a full range of accommodation options including individual eco-cabins, premium eco-cabins, multi-bed bunkhuts and powered RV/campervan spots. Camp Glenorchy is New Zealand’s first Net Positive energy visitor destination.

All profits from Camp Glenorchy benefit the Glenorchy Community Trust, directed by local community members. The mission and vision of the community trust is to increase the vibrancy and resilience of the community of Glenorchy.

TIME Magazine has named Camp Glenorchy Eco Retreat in the World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2019. Featured in its September 2019 issue, Camp Glenorchy is the only New Zealand accommodation chosen to make this list, and one of only 44 of TIME Magazine’s “must go” accommodation destinations in world.



Our Story

Camp Glenorchy opened in March 2018, it has been created from the ground up using green design philosophies and is the first ever guest accommodation designed according to the Living Building Challenge - the most rigorous sustainability standards in the world.

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) suggests buildings should function as cleanly and efficiently as a flower, using this metaphor to guide performance across seven ‘petals’ of sustainability: Health & Happiness, Energy, Water, Materials, Place, Beauty and Equity. 

To achieve LBC’s imperatives, Camp Glenorchy has been created through a process of collaboration; in contrast to typical building projects which involve architects, designers, engineers and

tradespeople working in silos, Camp Glenorchy’s approach also included local artists, craftspeople, and energy management specialists.

Camp Glenorchy is the vision and collaborative creation of Paul and Debbi Brainerd, philanthropists who have previously established environmentally-sensitive, community-based education projects in North America. Offering a range of beautifully-appointed and resource-efficient guest accommodations, Camp Glenorchy seeks to inspire and share learnings about new standards in sustainable tourism. 

At Camp Glenorchy we welcome you to breathe a bit more deeply and allow yourself to be inspired by your experience while staying with us.


Things to do in Glenorchy

Blessed with a remarkable array of natural beauty and terrain, Glenorchy offers something for everyone, from the peaceful to the exhilarating to the sublime. We help our guests at Camp Glenorchy to explore the area on foot, on bikes and horseback; by jet boat, canyoning or funyak; via 4WD all-terrain vehicles, heli or plane-- with or without an expert tramping, photography, birding or movie set location guide.

There are a multitude of options for immersing yourself in Glenorchy's natural beauty, from a 30-minute wander around our historic township, to a 45-minute boardwalk through a pristine lagoon at the edge of town to your choice of gorgeous hikes of varying lengths all less than an hour away. 

If you would like to revitalise the spirit, we offer on-site morning yoga classes three times a week at Camp Glenorchy. All guests and the community are welcome to join by koha donation. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:30am.



Our Reviews

Fantastic place to stay Beautiful and warm, great attention to detail, one of the best - if not the best - places I've ever stayed.Warm and friendly staff, lovely breakfasts supplied, comfy rooms, amazing showers/toilets. The location is spectacular with snow capped mountains nearby....

Bill, New Zealand

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