Frequently Asked Questions


Here's some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our guests about the area and especially about Camp Glenorchy.

Camp Glenorchy is located only a short 8-minute walk from the lakefront and the famous red shed.

Mrs Woolly’s General store offers a range of grocery and ready to eat options, as well as great coffee and delicious house-made gelato! We also offer a range of food hampers you can pre-book, including breakfast and various BBQ hamper options. Your pre-ordered hamper will be ready for you upon check-in so all you need to do is get cooking.
Eating out options include Bold Peak Lodge, the Glenorchy Hotel, Glenorchy Cafe, Queenie's Dumplings, the Trading Post, and for those who want to venture out into the scenic surrounds; Kinloch Lodge, that all offer either day or evening dining options.
Check out our food experience page for more details, or contact our friendly team.

Yes. There is a free skatepark and playground in Glenorchy only a short 7-minute walk from Camp Glenorchy. There are also plenty of nature walks around Glenorchy that are great for kids, like the Glenorchy Lagoon Scenic Walkway which starts at the lakefront. Alternatively, you could take a drive to the Paradise, Routeburn or Greenstone area and explore other walks like Paradise Trust loop, Lake Sylvan, Lake Rere and more.

There is a range of paid activities around Glenorchy like visiting the Glenorchy Animal Experience to see sheep, llamas and other farm animals, hire bikes for the family and ride around Glenorchy, go on a 4WD adventure, jetboating, roast marshmallows around the campfire at Camp Glenorchy and much more.

Check out our activities page or speak to our friendly team to find out more and book any activity you wish to do in Glenorchy.

It’s not “forbidden”, but we prefer that our guests use our provided toiletries. All products (including shower products and laundry liquid) have been investigated for their impact on our water treatment systems, so if our tests show anything contaminating our grey-water we can isolate the source. Our constructed wetlands are sensitive to products and we need to take care of them as much as we can! Toiletries often contain ingredients that do not break down in the environment, and instead accumulate there, we really don't want this!

Yes, we have a selection of board games at Camp Glenorchy, as well as some books. Guests are welcome to use them.

During school holidays, we may have movie nights, contact our team to find out more.

We have hairdryers at reception you are more than welcome to borrow. We need to be very aware of what energy we are using so there is not one in each room. We have an oven, stovetops, instant hot water, toasters, rice cookers, fridges, microwaves, and freezers available for you in our kitchen.

While staying at Camp Glenorchy we really want to encourage a small Camp community being formed, having a shared kitchen, lounge and dining space helps retain the feeling of a classic camp experience. We're also mindful of our energy use, by having one big space and set of appliances we've managed to pick the best for energy and water efficiency. It's also so that we don't have to manage cooking odours and moisture in our cabins so it’s also a sustainable design choice

Yes, but it’s subject to availability. Get in touch with our team if you’re bringing your pet along.

We offer a variety of accommodation options over a wide price range, so we hope there are options available for every budget. If you're in the area and just want to pop in and have a look around we'll do our best to provide you a wee tour, based on how busy we are.

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OMG THIS PLACE EXCEEDS AMAZING!! Well all I can say is you have to go there to experience the place. So far have stayed there 3 times over the last few months and we will be back may more times! Love the whole concept and the layout, the awesome staff and service. This place is a real eye...

Trish B, Dunedin, NZ

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