Corporate Facilities in Glenorchy

In Glenorchy we believe every good corporate event or conference requires the very best corporate facilities to make it a success. There are three core areas within our corporate facilities at Camp Glenorchy, all of which can be used for your Conference or Corporate event. The Homestead forms the heart of your corporate home away from home, as well as the Scheelite Campfire Shelter which enables your team to enjoy the great outdoors whilst covered and cosy by the fire - a taste of real New Zealand hospitality.


Camp Glenorchy's corporate facilities has a range of meeting spaces, configurable for meetings, break-outs, private dining and more. Each space comes equipped with WIFI, premium AV gear and seating options to suit any gathering.


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The Humboldt Room

This is our dedicated function space, which inspires delegates with views of the Humboldt mountains, the iconic Mount Earnslaw and its glacier. Offering flexible configurations, this space is the perfect corporate venue. It can be used for meetings, trade space or as a private dining room, up to 120 pax. Styled with artisan features, the room offers ample natural light, high ceilings and state-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities.


Greenstone Lounge

Usually set as a lounge area, the Greenstone Lounge is ideal for pre-dinner drinks, breakout sessions or a small tradeshow space. Its warm wood features make it a perfect place to relax and take a break and the views from the windows are just beautiful. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning vistas that are all around you at Camp Glenorchy.




The Kitchen and Dining Room

Sitting at the heart of the Homestead, this space is perfect for bringing teams together in team building activities, cooking demonstrations or classes. It’s the perfect spot for groups to break out or to socialise between meetings.




Adjacent to the Humboldt Room, perfectly named as the conservatory literally traps the heat, warming up the entire homestead. With glass on all sides, the lovely room is ideal for catering breaks, as a break out room or for the end of the day wine and cheese.


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Birthday Surprise - I was recommended Camp Glenorchy by a friend who now resides in Glenorchy. We found it to be an amazing and innovative place to stay with the up most initiative that has chosen a very sustainable and eco friendly environment that embraces. Thank you

CJ Maslin, Darwin, Australia

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