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The Nurture Me women's wellness retreat is all about personal experience, balance and discovery. So when we received these two reviews we just had to share them. 

Vanessa Marshall from Capsule wrote an article about the retreat which is a great take on why retreats are important in our everyday lives and what women get out of them. Take a moment and have a read.



We also asked for some feedback from our guests and the answers given really reflects how the retreat made our guests feel and how much they got out of the weekend:


What did you expect of the retreat?

I didn't know what to expect, but as we left the bustle of Queenstown and saw the jaw dropping scenery of Glenorchy I started to think it just might be something very special! 



Did we meet/exceed your expectations?

Camp Glenorchy and the retreat both completely exceeded my expectations. The camp had an earthy, rustic beauty and was unlike anywhere I've ever had the pleasure of staying...sun streaming over the mountain peaks into comfortable and cozy wooden rooms...incredible, nourishing food fresh from the garden...beautiful amenities...The retreat was  incredible. What Sarsha and Emma achieved over two days was so special. It really was a little weekend of magic. 


What was your favourite part of the retreat?

I think my favourite part of the retreat was enjoying the environment that the incredible forces that are Sarsha and Emma created. We were strangers one morning and within hours, me and the other women knew more about each other than close friends. 


How did you feel during the experience with this group of women?

I felt very supported, accepted and understood, and I think all the women in the group seemed to feel the same. 


Do you think this retreat has changed the way you live your life or given you tools to improve your quality of life?

Undoubtedly. This retreat is a wonderful reminder that to live our most fulfilled lives we only need to look inside ourselves. We have the power to help ourselves and over this weekend, we were taught the tools we need, like movement, breathing and journaling. 



Would you recommend this retreat?

I have recommended this retreat! It's such an incredible thing to do and I would love all the women in my life to have the opportunity to pause, think and care for themselves. 


Do you think there is a specific profile of women who would benefit from this retreat or just generally anyone?

I think all women would benefit from this retreat. We had such a broad range of women from all walks of life and I believe that's part of what made the retreat so special. It was an eye opener at how our lives might be completely different but we share so many of the same hopes and fears. 


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to say THANK YOU. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this retreat at Camp Glenorchy. 


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Posted by Camp Glenorchy on October 12, 2020

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Annie R, New Zealand

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