Why Glenorchy is Great for Groups

Glenorchy’s tranquil beauty is stunning at any moment, but a sunset, mountain vista, or snow-covered landscape is always more fun when experienced with others.

It’s no secret that experiences are best shared. From getting the family together to celebrate Nana’s birthday, to joining your mates on a last-minute adventure – sometimes you just need some quality time with the people in your life. A mini-break away somewhere new can be the perfect excuse.



Glenorchy’s tranquil beauty is stunning at any moment, but a sunset, mountain vista, or snow-covered landscape is always more fun when experienced with others. There is no better place for a relaxing or adventure-filled holiday. With everything you could ever wish for, all that is needed is good company.


Here’s why Glenorchy is the ideal destination for a group getaway.


Bonding Experience
Family, friends, colleagues – whoever you are taking some ‘time-out’ with, nothing is more precious than spending that quality time together. Get to know the people in your life a little better by venturing out on a gentle hike, energetic bike-ride or by simply throwing on your pyjamas and chatting in a charming Camp GY cabin. Of course you might not get along with everyone all the time, but by immersing yourself in the serenity of Glenorchy and its many collaborative experiences you have a good chance of forming new friendships with colleagues or rekindling that camaraderie with a life-long friend.



Inspire Each Other
A break away with others can mean a break away from your everyday choices. Travelling together gives you the chance to take inspiration from those around you and, who knows, you might just find something new to love. The person in your group who is always searching for that rush of adrenaline? Follow them skydiving. The one who is in need of a little extra zen? Suggest you both relax at Camp GYs morning yoga class. Get out of your comfort zone and do something you would never try or even think about doing it by yourself.



Food Tastes Better With Friends
Eating, laughing, and reminiscing with your group around a BBQ or meal is one of the most enjoyable aspects of getting away from it all for a while. Camp Glenorchy has a range of scrumptious food options, from fully catered delicious chef-cooked meals to pre-prepared ingredients that your group can cook together around the campfire. Our modern, homely facilities create a brilliant social atmosphere and are perfect for large or small groups. We all know that meals with friends or colleagues often means the drink flows a little freer, the food tastes better and good conversation fills every corner of the room.



Experiences Are Better Shared

Sure, everyone enjoys a bit of ‘me-time’ now and then, but a truly unique experience unites people, brings them together, and creates moments that will be talked about for years to come. Just being in Glenorchy starts that memorable experience, with its outstanding beauty and relaxed atmosphere, but don’t be fooled by it’s quietness as there is so much to do here. Canyoning, horse riding, fishing, or even throwing yourself off a bridge on a Queenstown bungee: all better shared (and laughed about together afterwards), trust us.



Camp GY Has It Covered

With something here for everyone, our team at Camp Glenorchy can help you plan the perfect break. We have Adventure and Family Getaway packages available, leaving the only thing for you to decide is who you’re going to share it all with.


At Camp Glenorchy we are incredibly proud of our facilities, ethos and mountainous backyard and we feel it’s time for you to round up the troops and check it out for yourself.

Posted by on February 17, 2020

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