Sustainability at The Headwaters Eco Lodge

The Headwaters Eco Lodge & private chalets have been meticulously crafted using the highest global sustainability practices and localised materials to create a modern luxury guest experience in harmony with nature.

Grounded in Glenorchy’s stunning natural environment, the award-winning property celebrates nature through the purposeful use of non-toxic construction materials and state-of-the-art technology to reduce water and energy. Nestled amongst an abundance of native plantings these buildings showcase the work of many local and national artists and craftspeople involved in the process from concept to completion.



Our Sustainable Commitment


A healthy relationship with the natural environment, during both construction and operation.

✓  Creating a place where people feel comfortable, healthy and inspired

✓  Using 50% less energy than similar facilities

✓  Generating more energy than we use onsite over the course of a year

✓  Using 50% less water than similar facilities

✓  Operating within our own water balance as much as possible, through collecting and chemically-free treating our drinking-rain-water, and then treating our own waste water too!

✓  Minimizing and managing our waste.


Our Journey


Part of our journey is to be transparent as possible and share this incredible sustainable story globally.


As a result we're constantly talking, writing and sharing updates to effectively communicate what we're doing, how we're doing it and the impacts of each process.

Since first welcoming guests in March 2018, The Headwaters Eco Lodge has continued to learn a lot and is constantly evolving setting higher goals for our sustainability practices.

Part of that learning has been the specifics of how well everything is running, some real numbers about how much water we collect, energy we generate, and the people we welcome.

We knew during construction that our technologies would allow us to constantly improve, yet we know that it's our people-- our team, our community, and our wonderful guests --that are our greatest asset.

By embracing our story, you let us enable greater change towards increased sustainability across personal lives, communities and industries both here, and around the world.


The journey continues …watch this space.




The Living Building Challenge™


The Headwaters Eco Lodge is designed, built and operated in line with the philosophy and principles of the Living Building Challenge (LBC), recognised as the most stringent environmental building design certification in the world. We are registered under the Living Building Challenge Petal Certification pathway for the Energy, Water, and Beauty Petals.

The LBC uses the metaphor of a flower to reflect a healthy living entity. Like a flower, a building is rooted in place. A flower must generate its own fuel, collect its own water, support its local ecosystem and community (via pollination), and become food for the local ecosystem at the end of its life. And ultimately, of course, a flower is beautiful.

The LBC is made up of the seven categories or ‘Petals’ shown above. Click through each to read about the choices we’re making for each as Camp Glenorchy comes to life. We are currently monitoring our Energy and Water usage and hope to be able to share this data; our sustainable progress, with you in the future.

We look forward to sharing our journey towards a more sustainable future with you.


“We recognize some of these systems will produce a positive return on investment (like solar) in 7-10 years. Other systems won’t produce a positive return for a variety of reasons, including lack of market demand, cost to import and commission or government policies.

“It will be living laboratory to measure the performance of these systems and determine their long-term operating costs. We will be sharing our building performance data over the next 3-5 years to determine what works and what isn’t working as expected. This data will allow us to continuously fine tune the buildings to achieve higher performance levels over time.”

Paul Brainerd, Founder


To find out more information about our sustainability story click here

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We booked the Family Getaway package and highly recommend it. Made for a very relaxing weekend away because breakfast and a dinner were included - one less thing to organise! Loved the accommodation in the ecolodge and learnt alot about sustainable buildings. We stayed for a friend's 40th...

Lisa, New Zealand

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