Hosting an Eco Friendly Conference

Far from being a buzz-word, most people now agree that being eco-friendly and acting in a sustainability-focused way is a necessary part of life. It has become the norm, and certainly one that businesses feel the need to champion.

If you’re looking to host a conference or team-building event in an eco-friendly way, then read on to discover how Camp Glenorchy can help you. These days everyone is looking for ways to be greener and reduce their impact on the environment. The trend for sustainability is growing as we all become more aware of the effects our actions have on the planet.


Holding a sustainable event doesn’t only offer great bragging rights – it also helps the environment, making it a win all round. As a business it is highly likely you are looking for ways to be greener and reduce your impact on the environment. 


Hosting a sustainable event means changing the way you do things to avoid the depletion of natural resources. It’s all about looking at ways you can help maintain the environment.


Let Camp Glenorchy help you to host a zero-waste event. Simply put, this means no waste ends up in the landfills, as everything is completely recycled or composted. Landfills are necessary but they’re big environmental polluters as they produce large volumes of methane gas, which builds up under the surface of decomposing materials. Methane is one of the causes of global warming. At Camp Glenorchy, we have daily processes in place to ensure that we conduct our business in a zero-waste way. By letting us host your event, you’ll be zero waste too. 


Tips on being eco-focused in your event planning


#1 Lose the paper trail

Leverage technology to eliminate your need for using paper. Going paperless is so simple but can have a big impact on your carbon footprint. Create an event page, app or email subscription for your attendees


#2 Choose the right partner

Once you’ve committed to hosting a sustainable event, opt for service providers who share your vision. Yep - that's us here at Camp Glenorchy! It’s easier to reach your sustainability goals if you work with other environmentally-conscious partners. Camp Glenorchy has already committed to some environmentally friendly initiatives, so the hard work is done for you! 


#3 Journey together

Try to offer an eco-friendly transportation option by arranging shuttles to transport delegates to Camp Glenorchy, as this is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint. Better still consider electric transportation- we can organise pickups as well as hiring electric cars for you. Having people travel together builds team spirit and excitement around your event. Plus the drive to Glenorchy should be shared because it’s so spectacular!


#4 Choose your conference supplies carefully

Keep sustainability in mind when purchasing by choosing items with recycled contents and/or reduced packaging - if you need conference pads then make sure they are made from recycled paper. 

Try wherever possible to support socially responsible companies or local businesses - we strive to work exclusively with local suppliers, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local producers. Your food shouldn’t have to travel far, even if you do. 

And remember that if you have to fly into Queenstown to join us, then you can elect to fly carbon-neutral:


#5 Get your catering right

Food is an important aspect of all events and while you never want to run out of food – over catering is a common mistake at events. Food waste at events also contributes to startling global food waste statistics. Did you know that a third of all food produced is being lost or wasted?

Our Camp Glenorchy chefs can work with you to accurately estimate the amount of food needed by taking into account the number of delegates, the type of event, the number of breaks and activities as well as dietary requirements. 


#6 Opt for reusables

If your event has an outside component –you don’t have to rough it. We avoid single-use items like serviettes, plastic crockery or paper plates. Instead, we use cloth napkins, compostable paper plates, and eco-friendly bamboo disposable cutlery if we have to. 


#7 Recycling is the key

We have recycling bins everywhere so guests can easily dispose of their recyclables. We handle all our own waste ensuring minimum landfill.


#8 Your Sustainability Message

Let us help you provide your conference attendees with sustainable gifts at the end of the conference. Mrs Woolly's General Store stocks a wide range of eco-friendly gifts. Our Events Manager can pull together ideas and pricing to ensure your message continues long after the event has ended.


If you are interested in a corporate event at Camp Glenorchy then head over to our corporate packages page or click here to contact our Events & Sales Manager Katherine, or give her a call on +64 21 926 887.


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