Track Transport

Track transport to and from your chosen walk is something that saves lots of time and hassle. Either arrange for a bus to drop and collect or have your car transferred for you.


Easyhike Car Relocation


Save time to see more. Don’t wait for track transport – have your transport waiting for you. You drive your car to the start of the track at either end and we will move it, so it’s waiting for you at the finish - No hassle adventuring. Take your time on the track, no meeting times required and no backtracking. Change into fresh clothes when you finish the track and continue on your journey. Easyhike organises a simple and secure key transfer, plus car insurance details. Apart from either end of the Routeburn Track, Milford and Hollyford Tracks, Easyhike also offers car relocation for the Routeburn-Greenstone/Caples Track, Rees-Dart Track, and even to Raspberry Creek if you are walking over the beautiful Cascade Saddle. 

For more information and to book, contact us on [email protected] or 03 409 0401


Glenorchy Journeys


Glenorchy Journeys offers daily transport from Queenstown and Glenorchy to the Routeburn Track, Greenstone / Caples Tracks and the Rees / Dart Tracks, as well as small group charters connecting you to Queenstown and further afield. Competitive rates offered to fit your timetable and ensure the transport to your tramping experience is hassle free. Glenorchy Journeys is the best way to get from Queenstown Airport to Glenorchy. Your pickup and travel time is flexible – we can meet your flight, drop your bags to your accommodation and pick up supplies en-route to the walking tracks. Bookings are essential. 


For more information and to book, contact us on [email protected] or 03 409 0401


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Incredible stay - I do a lot of work around climate change and waste minimisation, but see a lot of green washing when it comes to eco in tourism but this place is incredible. The attention to detail through construction into use is so inspiring and my kids all agreed this was the best part of...

Tessa W, New Zealand

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